Mette Langbroek (R)MA

Mette Langbroek

Mette Langbroek is a PhD in the Rural Riches project. She obtained a RMA (cum laude) in early medieval archaeology from Leiden University in 2016. Her thesis concerned an in-depth study of the use and exchange of amber in the Merovingian period in northwestern Europe. During her studies she also researched the exchange of Mediterranean-produced beads (millefiori beads, reticella beads, amethyst beads and meerschaum (sepiolith) beads) in the 6th and 7th centuries AD. Her research interests cover both the economic and social aspects of early medieval exchange and the significance of bead-studies to uncover socio-economic developments and (global) trade networks in the Merovingian period.

In the Rural Riches project Mette will study the material culture of the rural population and the nature of the exchange systems through which they had access to objects with very diverse origins (local, regional, supra-regional, international). This analysis is mainly based on goods deposited in graves, from locally produced pottery to exotic goods from India and Ceylon.

See the profile on the Leiden University website for more detailed information.