Roeland Emaus MSc. MA.

Roeland started his academic training at Utrecht University where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography and Spatial Planning, followed by a Master’s degree in Medieval Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam and a Master’s degree (cum laude) in Geography & Geomatics at Ghent University.

His main focus lies in the relationship people have with their environment. How they have used the environment, how they changed the environment but also how the environment limits them. To understand this relationship, one must understand how this relationship has come about, how this relationship has evolved through time. The best way to understand this relationship is by studying the landscape and the remains of human activities within them. Either by sampling the physical landscape (remote sensing, coring, excavating), observing the ‘topographic archive’, or by means of GIS-technologies and analysis. These methodologies are highly symbiotic. Only through working with all possible methodologies can one really shed light on the historical landscape and the people within it.

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